Dispatch & Logistics TRAININGDAYS

TD-211: Mastering Concrete Dispatch

Level 1 - GS18 November 7, 2017 9:00 am - 5:00 pm

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Jim Wagner

Command Alkon TRAININGDAYS classes are an additional cost and NOT covered in your conference fees.

This class is being offered on both Monday, November 6th and Tuesday, November 7th. Mix and match it with another day of preconference training on a different topic to take advantage of 2 full days of preconference training.

Join industry expert Jim Wagner in this all-day session focused at helping Concrete Dispatchers take their skills to the next level. Benefit from Jim’s industry experience and good humor in analyzing how you can best improve your ability to efficiently service your customers, make cost-effective decisions, and balance the two. This session is designed specifically for the experienced Concrete Dispatcher, no matter what dispatch systems you are using.

The Dispatcher’s Job

  • Dispatcher’s goals
  • Defining service and efficiency
  • Desired skills and personality traits
  • Job responsibilities


The Dispatch Environment

  • Problems faced by the dispatcher that inhibit service and efficiency
  • Setting corporate dispatch guidelines
  • Teambuilding
  1. Within dispatch
  2. With sales and management


Handling the Order

  • Telephone systems
  • Telephone recording
  • Getting the required information
  • Order forms, direct order entry, order printing
  • Order audit log


Order Entry

  • CPOL screen
  • Simplified and standard order entry
  • COMMANDseries Shortcuts
  • Lookups and configuring
  • Keyboard shortcuts versus the mouse
  • Map page setup/posting travel times
  • Geographical locations and geofences
  • Zone, map pages on the order screen


Truck and Driver Scheduling

  • How it works
  • Scheduling rates
  1. minutes apart
  2. quantity per hour
  3. specified number of trucks
  4. FOB
  • Multiple schedules
  1. Start at one plant, continue from another
  2. Service from several plants at once
  3. Holds, breaks
  • Scheduling multiple mixes on one order


Scheduling Setup

  • Foreground, background
  • Truck types
  • Multiple Plants


Scheduling Troubleshooting

  • Inaccurate Schedule
  • Overbooking
  • Running late after first “round”
  • The deadly “wave”
  • The apparent “perfect schedule” in retrospect


Truck Tracking, Ticketing & Statusing

  • Setup
  • Statusing
  • Autostatusing with GPS
  • Canceling tickets, reselling concrete, dumping
  • How to give directions to drivers
  • Teambuilding with the drivers
  • Splitting loads


Reporting & Key Performance Indicators

  • Scheduling
  • Dispatching
  • Time Analysis


Problem Solving

  • Reviewing solutions to the problems identified


Command Alkon TRAININGDAYS classes are an additional cost and NOT covered in your conference fees.