Dispatch & Logistics TRAININGDAYS

TD-210: Integra Back Office

Level 1 - GS21 November 7, 2017 9:00 am - 5:00 pm

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Terry Trejo

Command Alkon TRAININGDAYS classes are an additional cost and NOT covered in your conference fees.

This hands-on training class takes an in-depth look at the back office features of Integra.

Master File Maintenance

  • Main menu review
  • Customer maintenance
  1. Email/PDF invoice
  2. Email/PDF Statements
  • Job maintenance
  1. Invoice credit control
  2. State job – prevailing wages*
  • Product maintenance
  • Product restriction and moving quotes to product restriction
  1. Setting up alternate mix descriptions on jobs
  • Setting up cash and terms discounts
  • Setting up automatic charges like Winter Service, Minimum Load, etc.
  • Use of credit codes
  • Credit control – Credit limit vs. invoice credit control
  • Setting up credit codes along with display text
  • Show/Print prices on orders for COD customers
  • Setting up notes on a job for dispatch to see when entering in an order
  • Ability to see cash posting notes in Open Inquiry
  • New taxing option – tax by Origination



  • Different levels of the pricing hierarchy
  • Job
  • Customer
  • Product
  • Job price and product update tool for performing price increases


Ticket Maintenance

  • MA ticket load and options available for loading tickets
  • Ticket Maintenance – New and improved.
  1. Search order/tickets/invoices
  2. Save order
  3. Screen reformatted for ease of use
  4. Advanced filter sorts
  • Using tax code 99 to make a product “no charge”
  • Manual ticket entry
  • Placing tickets on hold/ group hold
  • Automatically via “Must Review”



  • Invoice filters
  • Invoice Email/PDF
  • Re-Emailing an invoice
  • Warehousing and moving invoices to one central folder on the network
  • Invoice credit update
  • Invoice inquiry


COD Posting

  • COD posting to ticket
  • Recovering a COD posting


Cash Posting

  • Deposits, Payments & Summary tabs
  • Credit/Debit memos
  • Tax adjustments
  • Auto pay feature
  • Ticket/invoice amount search
  • Paying certain invoices automatically (e.g. how to pay oldest invoices automatically)
  • Unapplied cash record – create automatically or manually
  • Processing rebills
  • Reversing payments
  • Rollback vs. Recovering a payment
  • Return Cash
  • Unsubmitting a deposit
  • How to apply a discount
  • Manually adding a discount
  • Ability to set up location security for users to only see transactions for specific locations



  • COD Receipt Log report
  • AR Report Wizard & Back Office reports
  • AR Month End processes


Command Alkon TRAININGDAYS classes are an additional cost and NOT covered in your conference fees.