Bulk Materials TRAININGDAYS Trucking and Telematics

TD-208: FiveCubits HaulIt Workshop

Level 1 - GS24 November 7, 2017 9:00 am - 5:00 pm

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Darren Becker

Command Alkon TRAININGDAYS classes are an additional cost and NOT covered in your conference fees.

This hands-on workshop is designed for dispatchers, billers, and operation managers who want a deep understanding of how to customize HaulIt to get the most out of it, and how to get the most out of FiveCubits integrations.

FiveCubits Overview

  • FiveCubits supply chain integration and what it means to you



  • Quote customizing and preferences
  • Material masters overview
  • Creating hauling rates
  • Different methods of pricing material
  • Creating in-bound and out-bound lines on the same quote
  • Adding accessorial charges
  • Adding driver pay lines
  • Creating Jobs from quotes
  • Creating custom standby times per line item



  • Job customizing and preferences
  • Income codes
  • Setting up standby charges
  • Setting up Units of measure
  • Managing date sensitive rate, pay, material, surcharge rate changes
  • Job history



  • Dispatching customizing and preferences
  • Using the new “Dispatch Control Center”
  • Using the “Dispatch Load Center”
  • What the colors mean
  • Sending all emails
  • Sending no work today
  • Using the filters
  • Assigning and auto-assigning trucks and drivers
  • Driver and equipment requirements by time
  • Adding additional charges
  • Editing tickets from dispatch
  • Adding equipment compliances
  • Using driver or equipment seniority
  • Reoccurring orders
  • Shipment warnings, remaining units
  • Creating TrackIt alerts for standby rules
  • Dispatch revenue report



  • Making customers inactive
  • Billing customizing and preferences
  • Managing ticket importing
  • Invoicing
  • History lookups
  • Managing Holding Billing
  • Billing reports


Driver Pay

  • Paying a percentage
  • Comparing percentage pay to hourly pay and paying the higher
  • Paying a driver for other charges including standby
  • Paying company drivers vs. third party haulers


Command Alkon TRAININGDAYS classes are an additional cost and NOT covered in your conference fees.