Dispatch & Logistics TRAININGDAYS

TD-205: COMMANDoptimize Basics

Level 1 - GS22 November 7, 2017 9:00 am - 5:00 pm

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Bob Watson
Steve Browne

Command Alkon TRAININGDAYS classes are an additional cost and NOT covered in your conference fees.

This class is being offered on both Monday, November 6th and Tuesday, November 7th. Mix and match it with another day of preconference training on a different topic to take advantage of 2 full days of preconference training.

If you are considering COMMANDoptimize or already a current user, this one-day training class focusing on CSRs, schedulers and shippers operating in an Optimized environment. This class will include an introduction to COMMANDoptimize, Optimize techniques and best practices in setting up orders and managing the Optimized plan daily

Introduction to COMMANDoptimize

  • What is it?
  • How does it work?
  • How will it impact my daily role?


COMMANDoptimize Direct Order Entry

  • A walk through of the Order Entry process defining each field and associating those definitions to real world scenarios


Configuring COMMANDtrack with COMMANDoptimize

  • Demonstration of the optimal format for COMMANDtrack for customers with COMMANDoptimize, including improved layout and enhanced features


COMMANDoptimize Gantt Chart – Web Version

  • No matter your role in Central Dispatch, COMMANDoptimize Gantt Charts can be a useful tool during many decision-making moments.  Learn how this tool can assist you in daily scenarios including:
  1. When to schedule a same day order
  2. Reviewing the plan for a large pour
  3. Confirming what the schedule looks like for next day
  4. Other scenarios


COMMANDseries Data Management – Adding New Drivers / Trucks

  • Curious to know what steps to take when adding a new driver or truck to your optimized environment? Benefit from this review of each field and its importance


Hand Out Review

  • Review of key documents and how you can use them going forward


Command Alkon TRAININGDAYS classes are an additional cost and NOT covered in your conference fees.