Dispatch & Logistics TRAININGDAYS

TD-109: Integra Ready Mix Dispatch

Level 1 - GS21 November 6, 2017 9:00 am - 5:00 pm

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Terry Trejo

Command Alkon TRAININGDAYS classes are an additional cost and NOT covered in your conference fees.

This hands-on training class addresses the Ready-Mix Dispatch functionality of Integra.

Truck Tracking & Ticketing

  • Create screen layouts and save by location
  • Reset screen layout button
  • Order stack options & order colors
  • Use of billing notes to communicate with billing regarding a ticket
  • Times in Ready Mix Dispatch and how they affect dispatch
  • Location Maintenance Defaults – Load Time, Driver Lead Time, Wash Out, etc.
  • Leftover Concrete
  • Display in Truck Stack and Ready Mix Tracking
  • Warning when reselling
  • Display of source ticket in Truck Status window
  • Matching order color to location color
  • Matching yard color to location color
  • Void Reasons
  • MapIT integration


Order Entry

  • Advanced search – ability to select customer & job in one step
  • Plus Qty Field
  • Contacts – including ability to copy contacts from one order to another
  • Work Types – where to create them in the system
  • Product Restriction
  • Product search – formatting the search
  • Cut/Paste functionality
  • Ticket Instructions – by location
  • Copy order functionality – new feature that has ability to blank out order products upon copy
  • Multi Copy Button
  • Reprint tickets from history
  • Priority field – learn creative ways to utilize this useful field on orders
  • Project Reference
  • Will Go Vs. Will Call
  • Display/Print prices for Open Account Customers
  • Editing mix design on order – new ability if enabled in system security that allows dispatch to modify mix formula on the order
  • Auditing – now includes all scheduling changes
  • Sorting/exporting audit changes
  • Map pages
  • Google Maps: ability to copy and paste driving directions into order entry
  • Order Requests from MOBILEjobsite
  • New taxing option – tax by Origination



  • Plus quantity feature and how it’s noted throughout dispatch
  • Time Overrides & Custom Spacing options
  • QC Time Entry
  • Dead Head
  • Audit Logs
  • Export to excel
  • Schedule change notification
  • Status color on schedule screen – quick truck notification on schedule screen
  • Splitting loads – orders can be split and scheduled out of as many locations as desired
  • Sequencing Overview – setting the order of the loads in the schedule
  • Setting up multi mix orders to only use one extra product – like fiber, chloride, etc.
  • Auto hold feature – new ability to place an order on hold automatically after ticketing
  • Setup and use of demand graphs



  • COD Receipt Log
  • ULIM Interface to Batch Controls and where that is setup
  • Mix maintenance and how mixes are built
  • Mix Component Maintenance
  • Mix Upload
  • KPI Dashboard
  • Automatic Mix Upload Service
  • Sending Mix with Ticket
  • Batch add functionality
  • Create alternate mix descriptions in job maintenance that flow into order entry
  • Miscellaneous Type Maintenance – how to configure weather and machine labels and values to be something different in order entry
  • Creating minimum load rates for open account & COD customers
  • Ticket time maintenance and benefits of updating ticket times
  • Helpful reports
  1. First Round Report
  2. Order Snapshot
  3. RM Time Analysis
  • and more . . .


Command Alkon TRAININGDAYS classes are an additional cost and NOT covered in your conference fees.