TRAININGDAYS Trucking and Telematics

TD-108: FiveCubits TrackIt Workshop

Level 2 - Churchill A November 6, 2017 9:00 am - 5:00 pm

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Jordan Cox

Command Alkon TRAININGDAYS classes are an additional cost and NOT covered in your conference fees.

This class is being offered on both Monday, November 6th and Tuesday, November 7th. Mix and match it with another day of preconference training on a different topic to take advantage of 2 full days of preconference training.

This hands-on workshop is designed for dispatchers, IT, and operation managers who want a deep understanding of how to customize TrackIt to get the most out of it, from using TrackIt as a work force management tool to how to save money and run a more efficient operation.

Dispatch Customization and Preferences
TrackIt has many customizations and preferences that can be used to help you better manage your trucks and drivers in a way more natural to you, including topics like:

  • Email Alerts – setup and management
  • Using default filter preferences
  • Customize Geofense and Truck rollovers with ticket data
  • Control how drivers can communicate with you
  • Make the MAP easier to use with customizations
  • Customize things for the driver
  • Localization – need the website or tracking device in Spanish, Russian, etc.? Learn how.


One unique aspect to TrackIt it is status-loop-based workflow. It is the heart of the system and helps to control driver behavior and business processes, including topics like:

  • Basics – add, remove, and link statuses together
  • Model your status-loop after your operation
  • Better understanding all of the status related features
  • Geofence setup and functionality
  • Helping drivers status correctly
  • How are other clients using statusing to control costs and provide visibility?


Time & Attendance
Time & Attendance is a critical money-saving tool for many of our clients that pay hourly workers, including topics like:

  • Basics – setup, use, and management
  • Better manage “non-productive” time
  • Integrations with dispatch systems
  • Payroll expert – cost accounting and driver pay


MDT “App” Setup and Use
The TrackIt VMx MDT (Hardmount) platform has many applications that you can utilize to improve efficiency and driver management. During this class we will review the basic setup and use of these applications as well as their benefits including:

  • Engine Diagnostics
  • Driver Performance
  • Navigation
  • DVIR
  • DOT Logs
  • Talk


Command Alkon Product Integrations
Learn how to get the most of your Command Alkon products by utilizing integrations. There are many features available to you today to help you manage your fleet, including:

  • Status and Command Events
  • Status Mappings
  • Concrete On
  • Ticket Integration
  • Load Event
  • Scheduling Integration
  • “Last Load”
  • MapIt
  • Fine Tuning TrackItWare Settings
  • Future Integrations


Get a better understanding of how to research driver or device issues, including:

  • Integration Troubleshooting
  • Truck/Device Troubleshooting
  1. GPS Fix Report and Playback
  2. GPS Gap Report
  3. Status Breakdown
  4. Trip Summary
  5. Daily Breakdown
  • Bench Test Recreation and Troubleshooting


Command Alkon TRAININGDAYS classes are an additional cost and NOT covered in your conference fees.