Washout Watchdog



For every ten trucks equipped with the Washout Watchdog, you can earn $150,000 a year or more. The Washout Watchdog increases revenue for each truck equipped.  By charging the contractor a small washout fee, you could earn $15,000 or more per year on each truck. Contractors will pay a small washout fee rather than building an expensive pit. You can offer this service, gain revenue and gain customers.

Build your customer base by saving the site contractor time and money. Build a friendly and profitable relationship with the contractor. Without your services, the contractor bears the burden of building and maintaining costly washout pits or renting portable washout lowboys that must be scheduled, pumped and hauled away.

Show your community that you and your customers care about the environment. The Washout Watchdog protects the environment. Spare your customers the pain of paying expensive fines for spilling washout water into a storm drain or contaminating groundwater. The Washout Watchdog builds goodwill among customers, contractors, communities, government authorities, environmentalists, and the general public.

Save money by choosing a simple washout unit rather than more complicated types that can break down. Pay less for a better system. With Washout Watchdog on your trucks you’ll save money, because this system costs hundreds less than other types. For about the price of a load of concrete you can have a simple, reliable chute washout unit that has no pump, uses no energy except gravity, and is sturdy, lightweight and easy to use.